Meet The Top 20 (#10-6)


Taylor Overby, Senior Staff Writer

#10 – Sophia Avitua

Flutist, Hiker, FCCLA, NHS, Student Council

Energetic, Caring, Detail-Oriented

Favorite Class – RST (Ready, Set, Teach) with Ms. Mahoney

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Matthews

Current Favorite TV Show – This is Us

Can’t Live Without – Friends

Great High School Memory – “In band, when we made it to area finals for the first time after becoming 6A.”

Future? – Elementary Teacher

Texas State University – Primary Education

“Take Honors classes and always do corrections. Join a club. Find a place where you feel like you belong and you can make friends and you can stay and grow for the next four years.”


#9 – Connor Alfeiri

Gamer, Baseball Player, Pianist, Model UN, Band, NHS, Key Club, French Horn Player

Dedicated, Honest

Favorite Class – AP Calculus BC with Mrs. Hartson

Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Hartson

Current Favorite Movie – Fast and Furious Series

Can’t Live Without – Car

Great High School Memory – “All the friends I’ve made throughout band.”

Future? – High School Math Teacher (Statistics)

Baylor University – Mathematics

“Work hard and never forget where you started. Always be humble. And make good friends. You can’t do high school alone.”


#8 – Ella Gomez

Golfer, Cellist, Embroiderer, NHS, Key Club, UIL Math

Energetic, Short, Crazy

Favorite Class – AP Chemistry with Mr. Thomas

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Thomas

Cool Talent – Can Make Clown Noises With Her Nose

Current Favorite TV Show – The Office

Can’t Live Without – Keeks (Her Fluffy Cat)

Great High School Memory – Playing Uno the Entire Lunch Period Freshman Year

Future? – Working on Buildings in Seattle 

Texas A&M University at College Station – Mechanical Engineering

“Have fun, make friends, and be involved. Don’t worry about relationships. High school is most important for friendships.”


#7 – Gracie Deason

Tennis Player, Dog Lover, Dog Business Owner, NHS, DECA, Future Colorado Resident

Disciplined, Confident, Motivated, Goal-Oriented

Favorite Class – AP US History with Ms. Williams

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Williams

Can’t Live Without – Music

Great High School Memory – Tennis Districts

Future? – Diagnostic Radiologist, Specializing in Neuroscience or Oncology

University of Texas at Austin – Pre Medical Biochemistry

“Choose your friends wisely.”


#6 – Bennett Daniel

Clarinet and Piano Player, Amateur Boxer, Jogger, Composer, SkillsUSA, Band Section Leader

Christian, Talented, Determined

Favorite Class – All Engineering Courses with Ms. Ramo

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Ramos

Favorite TV Show – Phineas and Ferb

Can’t Live Without – Music

Great High School Memory – First Band Competition Freshman Year

Future? – Civil Engineer with a Family

University of Houston – Engineering

“Put the phone down. You’ll have more time for studying and family, and you’ll be more productive and less stressed and anxious.”