Meet the Top 20 (#15-11)


Taylor Overby, Senior Writer

#15 – Ryan Price

Penny Boarder, Ukulelist, Amatur Guitarist, Vice President of SkillsUSA, Band, Chess Club

Charismatic, Intelligent, Humble

Favorite Class – Anatomy and Physiology with Coach Cooley

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Ramos

Current Favorite Movie – Count of Monte Cristo

Can’t Live Without – Family

Great High School Memory – Band Competitions

Future? – Hopefully Not Dead and Making Things Happen

Brigham Young University at Provo – General Studies, then Engineering or Medical Field

“If you know how to do the work, just do it and turn it in on time. Don’t get in too much trouble with your teachers, in the first semester at least, and then cruise through the second one.”

“Stick to the people you know, then branch out. Everybody’s awkward. Be funny, but not annoying.”



#14 – Lyna Gonzalez

Dance Captain, HOSA, Key Club, NHS, Student Council Officer, Aspiring Businesswoman

Energetic, Funny, Sweet

Favorite Class – CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) with Ms. Bailey

Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Matthews

Current Favorite TV Show – You

Can’t Live Without – Phone

Great High School Memory – Dancing With Dad on 50-Yard Line at Senior Night

Future? – Physician’s Assistant and Owning Multiple Businesses

Texas A&M University at College Station – Biology

“Make really good friends and try your best to be involved. Make the most of the time you have because you don’t realize how fast it’s going to go.”


#13 – Caden Petty

8 Ball Pool Player, Gamer, Percussionist, Model UN, AJROTC, NHS Member

Down-to-Earth, Well-Educated

Favorite Class – US History with Mrs. Williams

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Palmer

Current Favorite TV Show – Family Guy

Can’t Live Without – Clothes

Future? – Air Force Pilot

Great High School Memory – “On an English final, we were supposed to write three essays, but I only wrote one and then I copied and pasted it three times. And then I actually got full credit, because I was smart and realized the teacher wasn’t actually reading each essay, he was just putting it through So he basically just graded my one essay three times. So I’m advocating being smart and resourceful.”

Air Force Academy – Mathematics or Political Science

“I know this is cliche, but enjoy it while it lasts, because you’re going to have to start paying and figuring out your own stuff, because life slaps you in the face when you thought you had it all figured out. And if you peaked in high school, then you’ll know because you’ll think, ‘man, I can’t wait to come back and visit next year!’”


#12 – Taylor Overby

Steele Squire Staff Writer, Key Club Secretary

Hiker, Music Lover, Cheese Enthusiast

Favorite Class – Culinary 1 with Ms. Kowalik and Chef Slight

Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Strange

Can’t Live Without – Netflix

Future? – Become Rich and Travel Everywhere

Texas State University – Business and Communications

“Hang in there. This is my third high school, so I understand the feeling of being lost and alone. But you have your whole life ahead of you. Things that seem big and life-ending now will prove to be trivial compared to the things you’ll accomplish in the future.”


#11 – Joshua Dugger

Karate Black Belt, Model UN, NHS, Band

Driven, Motivated

Favorite Class – AP Chemistry with Mr. Thomas

Favorite Teacher – Mr. Thomas

Current Favorite Artist – Jean Dawson

Can’t Live Without – Phone

Great High School Memory – Making Root Beer in Mr. Thomas’ AP Chemistry Class

Future? – Have a Doctorate and Run a Lab

University of Texas at Austin or Texas A&M University – Microbiology

“Start early. Start working hard. Always talk with your teachers if you’re falling behind. They’ll work with you.”