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23/24: Carly’s season

Hailey DiazDeLeon Apr 19, 2024

Being a captain is not the easiest, especially when you are young and have been a leader for all four years. Not many people associate stress with sports but it is a real struggle.  “Stress is...

Yearbook 1

Jordyn Hunter Apr 19, 2024

Yearbook 1 is so much fun! It's all about capturing memories and creating something new with your friends. You get to work with a team of creative people, take amazing photos, design spreads and mods,...

Jordyns 2024 Volleyball Season

Jhylana Glass Apr 19, 2024

The girls took it home, winning their district championship game, and even though all and all they had a wonderful team, Jordyn Hunter brought a little extra to the team. In all aspects whether it’s...

The permit experience

Jada Britton Apr 18, 2024

Getting a permit can be a really exciting, yet challenging, experience. It's like being a freshman in high school: you're new to all the ropes, the school, and the people. There are definitely many challenges...

The School Mom/Dad

Ellie Strange Apr 17, 2024

Have you ever had the worst day of your life and you still had to come to school? Then you go to that one teacher's classroom and they let you just rant until you start to feel better? That is what separates...

Believable…or not?

Lindsey Boyd Apr 17, 2024

Surprisingly there were many weird and odd conspiracy theories surrounding the 2024 solar eclipse. Some included that NASA was hiding things from us, others talked about aliens, and some even talked about...

Human Rights Are Genderless

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor in Chief May 3, 2023

In an age of political authority, we the people have the right to our voices. We have the right to speak freely and without much restriction. With this, we can do many things: stop a climate crisis, help...

“It Ends with Us”  Novel Review

“It Ends with Us” Novel Review

Skyla Dickerson, Staff Writer Apr 21, 2023

The novel, “It Ends With Us,” written by Colleen Hoover, is a mixture of romance and fiction all in one. The novel is about a girl named Lily Bloom who moved from her hometown to take control of her...

Connected but Completely Alone

Connected but Completely Alone

Taylor Overby, Staff Writer Jan 18, 2023

  The summer of 2021, I watched movers sweat under the sweltering Oklahoma sun, lifting heavy cardboard boxes back and forth from the swinging front doors of my creaky old house to the back...

Check Out or Don’t

Check Out or Don’t

Ash West, Staff Writer Nov 4, 2022

Books are banned all the world, but here in the U.S., the banning of books occurs differently.  “Anybody can request for a book to be banned, but it goes through a whole process of deciding,...

To Mask or Not to Mask

To Mask or Not to Mask

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor in Chief Oct 18, 2021

Beginning in December of 2019, COVID-19 began as shortness of breath and fever according to the CDC. Now, in 2022, we have a list of strands experienced over the 2 years and a new one, Omicron, recently...

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