Meet the Top 20 (#20 – 16)

#20 – 16

Taylor Overby, Senior Staff Writer

In honor of the upcoming Top 20 breakfast on April 21, Steele Squire got to know each of our school’s highest achievers. Every week until the event, we’ll bring five new faces to the spotlight. From favorite songs to future dreams, to helpful advice for underclassmen, meet the top 20. 

#20 – Danielle Guest

Gym Rat, Amateur Powerlifter

Hardworking, Goal-Driven 

Favorite Class – Texas Government with Mrs. Barden

Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Barden

Current Favorite Artist – SZA

Can’t Live Without – Protein Coffee

Northeast Lakeview College 

Future? – Dental or Physical Therapy

“Do your work on time. If you have questions, or if you’re struggling with something, be open to communicate that with your teachers.”

“Keep your end goal in mind. You’re going to graduate. You’re going to get through it.”


#19 – Elizah Hamilton

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Schmidt 

Softball, NHS Member

Introverted, Responsible, a Little Weird (In a Good Way)

Current Favorite Song – Ghost in the Machine by SZA

Can’t Live Without – Dogs (specifically miniature dachshunds)

Prairie View A&M University – Biology

Future? – Veterinary and Animal Sciences

“Do your best and don’t stress too much. If it happens, it happens. And surround yourself with people you know are going to help you, are like you, and have the same goals.” 


#18 – Kannan Tse

Guitarist, HOSA & NHS Member, Future Doctor

Restless, Reserved

Favorite Class – Medical Assisting with Ms. Guerra

Favorite Teachers – Mrs. Rountree and Mrs. Williams

Current Favorite TV Show – Better Call Saul

Can’t Live Without – Phone

Future? – Will Be In Med School For Very Long Time

University of Texas at Austin – Biology

“Don’t worry. At the end of the day, [high school’s] not that big of a deal. It’s only one part of your life. There’s still the next chapter. Don’t dwell on it too much.”


#17 – Sydney Griggs

Artist, Reader, Art Club Member, Future Cat Lady

Creative, Funny, Loud

Favorite Class – Digital Art with Ms. Vargas

Favorite Teacher – Ms. Vargas

Current Favorite TV Show – Trigun Stampede

Can’t Live Without – Music

Texas A&M at College Station – Chemistry or Biology

“Go with the flow. [High school’s] not like the movies. It’s pretty laid back and chill, as long as you get good teachers. Have fun with it and don’t stress too hard.”


#16 – Miranda Cross

Flutist, Photographer, Painter, Recycled Plastic and Cardboard Artist, Future National Geographic Presenter, NHS member

Favorite Class – Honors Biology with Coach Cooley

Favorite Teacher – Mrs. Barden

Current Favorite Song – Rollercoaster by Jonas Brothers

Can’t Live Without – Family

Texas A&M at College Station – Zoology

“Try to stay true to who you are. A lot of people change in order to fit in with the crowd, but when you do that, you lose sight of who you are.”