Time Capsule of Memories

Knights jump 40 years into the future to remember the present

Time Capsule of Memories

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor in Chief

Nostalgia is the wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. It can be felt from various things. A song you used to love, a stuffed animal you once held close, a picture from the past. Nostalgia lies within most objects around you, but over the years, what becomes nostalgic may differ. In a time where social media and rapid changing fashion trends are the rage, there are many things now that will become nostalgic that earlier generations may not relate to. 

“Social media. I feel like it’s not going to be as big, especially for us now since we’re getting older. We’re not going to use it as much unless we’re looking back on how fun high school was,” said senior Nyla Mcpherson. “Especially TikTok because a lot of people now spend their time on there. When we get older we’re not going to use it anymore and it’s kind of sad.”

Junior Monica Kennedy also finds social media to be the thing that will hold the most nostalgia alongside video games and memes. 

“It’s kind of what we surround most of our life around, so getting older and getting away from that would make coming back to it interesting to see,” Kennedy said.

Other students find nostalgia in more sentimental things or things that will always be there. Here are some other quotes from Knights that they will think of in 40 years. 

“I wanna say the weather. Most of my nostalgia comes from the weather I experience on a certain day,” said senior Alexsah Joseph. “On Homecoming night, it was pretty cold since I had a short dress on so any time I experience that cold I’m brought back to that memory.” 

“I’m gonna look back on my last year of high school and I think I’m gonna miss my innocence. As a senior in high school, I cannot wait to step into the real world where I get to earn money, pay my bills, buy myself a car and maybe get into relationships,” said senior Juan Jeong. “Right now, I look back at the start of my high school career and I can see how I have grown, and though I might cringe looking at them, I miss those times when I was stress-free and unknowing of what AP exams, Q3s, and derivatives look like. When I look back 40 years later, I’m gonna miss how free-living and innocent I was of the future. In the hereafter, I’m going to encounter hardships and experiences that will help me mature, but also further myself from the innocent and free-living senior I am now and I will miss this.”

“Probably looking back on the old yearbooks I helped make. It’s because of all the memories that were made while making them,” said sophomore Olivia Thuringer. “Some were weird, but always fun.” 

“The most nostalgic memory from now would most likely be football games and the opportunity to perform at them. I never would’ve thought that football season would have such an impact on my life but this last year especially has been filled with so many amazing memories with my teammates,” said senior Mahalani Borgonia. “From messing around in the stands to the anxiety leading up to halftime, I’ve never felt more alive in a way football season has brought me.”