My BeReal Just Went Off

My BeReal Just Went Off

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor in Chief

BeReal is the next big thing. Debuting back in January of 2020, the authentic social media app has only recently found a new sense of popularity. BeReal is currently the most popular social networking app in the United States according to Apple charts.

The app allows for users to show their true, authentic self, all within a two minute timer. The creators of the app choose a random time every day and send the users a notification to snap a picture of what they’re doing. The photo is then shared with friends from anywhere which allows for a unified atmosphere.

“Since a lot of people have BeReal,” senior Kaylee Horn said, “a lot of the time when a notification pops up, everybody’s like oh, my BeReal, want to be in my BeReal? And it helps people be inclusive.”

Although BeReal provides the opportunity for social interaction, there are some downsides. The app allows retakes and late posts, and because of this, some people are less honest.

“It really depends on who’s doing it,” senior Connor Villanueva said. “Something like BeReal would be pretty easy to fake and some people actually use it for that purpose.”

Despite its setbacks, BeReal is downloaded daily. BeReals can be taken anywhere; from classrooms to bedrooms to walking on the street. It’s so random that sometimes it goes off at school, allowing teachers to become victims of BeReal. Since BeReal takes a picture of the front and back camera simultaneously, the adults are met with an unexpected picture of their face.

Kylie Pavlovsky

“I think they’re kind of funny, honestly,” Horn said. “If the teacher really had a problem with it, they wouldn’t take the picture. I just think it’s funny because in a lot of them, they’re caught off guard.”

BeReal is continuing to trend, and with it are millions of pictures a day. The app is for anyone, and there’s an option to private your account so only the people you choose can see what you’re up to.

“Just be real,” Horn said.