Within the Stars

The discussion of astrology and what the stars have to say is growing more prominent as days go by. Horoscopes, zodiac memes and social media accounts pop up daily. With its social media presence comes its place on campus. Some students enjoy engaging in astrology and their signs.

“I’m a Pisces, and Pisces is a water sign which can be very emotional and most Pisces go with the flow like water. And I personally do feel like I identify with this sign because I’m a very emotional person, and I tend to make decisions based on my emotions and not logic,” senior Victoria Gonzalez said. “I think Pisces can be a very flexible sign, and they mold into their environment which I relate to because my emotions also slightly depend on the emotions of the people around me.”

There are 12 different zodiac signs, yet they each tie into each other. You can look into the compatibility of signs and those incompatible. Astrology is also made up of all ages, genders and races, allowing it to become something for everyone.

“I feel like the community is pretty diverse and accepting,” senior Serenity Shadowens said. “Based on the community I’ve seen so far, most people seem to be really enthusiastic about teaching others about astrology.”

According to Oxford Languages, astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. It can be used in a more serious sense (to predict the future and read others) or for fun (to relate and better know yourself). Its variety of purpose is what makes it well-liked.

“I like the zodiac community because we have this interest in astrology, and it can be very fun to talk about with others and you learn a lot about each other’s personality with astrology stuff,” Gonzalez said. “I find it very easy to make a friend when we are talking about zodiac signs.”

Although astrology is paired with many pros, there are some things that are disliked.

“I don’t like when people use their zodiac signs as excuses to do bad behavior,” Shadowens said. “On TikTok, I’ve seen people try to use their zodiac as an attempt to excuse their actions, like some people will be like, “I did something really bad but it’s okay because I’m a Gemini!” And stuff like that.”

In terms of the accuracy of astrology, there is a mix of opinions. Steele Squire asked 41 students whether or not they believe astrology to be accurate, and 59% said it’s not.

“I think zodiac signs and horoscopes can be but aren’t always accurate. Some people may believe an aspect about them is true just because they were “assigned” it when in reality they act differently,” Shadowens said. “However, there is a lot of depth in astrology and people can have multiple signs, such as a sun, moon and rising signs. Although someone’s sun sign, the main sign, may feel like it doesn’t correlate with them, there might be other ones that are also in their birth chart that they relate to more.”

Whether or not astrology is taken seriously, it is still something that can be fun and light-hearted. There are easy ways to check daily horoscopes and get to know you and those around you. Sometimes, it can even determine compatibility with a family member or crush.

“I don’t believe enjoying astrology is a bad thing. Even if someone’s sign(s) may feel inaccurate, astrology encourages self-reflection and understanding of one’s true values and characteristics,” Shadowens said. “Although there are some instances where people take astrology too far, it helps people gain control and develop a sense of true identity.”