Encore! Encore!

Skyla Dickerson, Staff Writer

Fans waiting for tickets to go on sale, trying to decide what to wear for their favorite artist with their friends. Arenas filled with students and people from around the world. The crowd roars with excitement when the lights go down and they hear the first note play. The music can be felt more than it can be heard. 

“Concerts are fun for getting out with friends and supporting the bands you love,” said Isabell Brickei. 

Concerts are about more than music. Many concert goers choose themes to help guide them in choosing the perfect ‘fit.

“For the Twice concert you dress up as their music videos, and for Keshi everyone did black so we dressed in black, and for Arianna Granda we just wore her shirt,” said  Nyla Mcpherson.

Being in a big crowd, concert goers experience the different atmospheres and see the different vibes that are going around and all the different types of people that listen to their music.

“I don’t even know how to explain it. The atmosphere was frankly chaotic to say the least, because it showcased different eras of his (Elton John’s) life and he had a very chaotic life, but it was a lot of different vibes going on and a lot of different undertones to the songs,” Said Lee Warren. “Because he would go from a really sad song to a really fast and heavy song, to a really dark song that has connections that aren’t very good,”

People start to listen to different artists because they hear a song and like it so they listen to more of their songs or because a friend wants them to listen to a certain artist. 

“I listened to their newest album that came out last year around December, and I just kinda fell in love and just started to listen to them,” said  Bayern rooks

When you go to one concert, you want to go to more or even if you haven’t gone to one you still want to see your favorite artist. You want to go and experience what the atmosphere is like and have fun with your friends.

“Yes, I want to go see Florence and the Machine, because I really like her music and I know the fans are very nice and the atmosphere is really nice,”  said Lee. “I also want to see Beaba Doobee. I love her voice and she inspires me as an artist.