No Shirt, Big Problem

Females face discrimination when practicing their sports in the heat

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor in Cheif

Beginning in August and ending in October, cross country season is met with the intense Texas heat. It can get excruciatingly hot in August, reaching temperatures as high as 103 degrees Fahrenheit last year. Theirs practice, starting in June, are even warmer. Other sports endure temperatures similar to this. Relief from this heat, however, differs among the girls and boys teams. Although there are strict rules that all students must keep their tops on during practice, boys teams are allowed more leniency. This age-old discussion is still as prominent as ever with the possible court case pending in Houston, Texas. A female student and cross country runner from Spring Woods high school has received punishment due to removing her top during practice and wearing only a sports bra. The male athletes were allowed to run on and off campus entirely shirtless in comparison to the student. She was also rejected an important credential for her college applications in light of the controversy. Facing accusations that they’ve violated the Fourteenth Amendment, Spring Branch ISD released a statement denying any discrimination toward the runner. Spring Woods is not the only high school to face this issue. On our campus alone, various students have voiced their frustration with the heat and layers they must keep on. This specific case has the opportunity to change things for high schools everywhere even if it does not reach the courts. Updates on the matter will be uploaded as changes occur.