Dreamin’ of Spring

Spring Break plans differ among students

Skyla Dickerson, Staff Writer

With Spring Break around the corner, students are counting the minutes, and teachers are counting the days until the last bell releases them so they can start to sit back and do what they have dreamed of doing. 

“To me it’s a time where people take a break from school for about a week, to chill out and decompress after midterms and everything,” said Katie O’brien.

For spring break, people do many different things to have fun and make memories. People travel to different places, hang out with friends and family, and go to the beach, or go camping. 

“I’m going on a trip with the school’s band. Which is part of spring break, besides my wisdom teeth will be pulled out,” said Michael Leeber.

 Spring break helps bring people together whether you’re with family or friends or even if you’re by yourself, you make memories that can last a lifetime. 

“I went to Hawaii one year in high school for spring break, and it was really fun. I got to play on the beach, and I didn’t want to come home. It was awesome. I recommend everyone to go to Hawaii. It’s great,” said Taylor Overby. “Because I was with my family, and I didn’t get to see the family I was with all the time, so being able to hang out with them for a week was memorable, and eating pineapple on the beach was great. I recommend Hawaiian shaved ice. It’s amazing with condensed milk on top.”

When spring break comes around, people dream of what they want to be able to do and where they want to travel. They dream of traveling to a different country or plan to hang out with friends and go places. 

“My dream spring break would probably be in Cancun because I really want to go, but realistically, probably just hang out with friends,” said Jaida Morris.

When people take a small vacation, they tend to go to bed later, and wake up later than they normally do. People use the time to relax and stay up as long as they want without having to worry about school in the morning. 

“I still stay up till like midnight, maybe a little after. I just wake up later cause I don’t have to do anything,” Michael Leeber said.