Which Varsity Athlete Am I Most Like?

A quiz to find out which varsity athlete you relate to most

Kylie Pavlovsky, Editor In Chief

If you were stranded on an island, what would you take with you?

A – A family photo to remember your loved ones

B – A book to pass the time

C – An MP3 with all of your favorite songs downloaded

D – A pen and paper to write letters


The Athlete’s Choices: 

C – Jay Dominguez, Mariana Williams, Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby, Martin Trevino

D – Kaylee Horn


It’s a Saturday night, and you have nothing to do. If given the opportunity, how would you spend your time?

A – In my room by myself. Maybe with a show running and some snacks.

B – Hanging out with my family! I enjoy being around them.

C – Out and about with friends! Whether it be at someone’s house, out for food, it doesn’t matter!

D – Out, but by myself! It doesn’t hurt to treat myself to some ice cream and a late night drive.


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Lena Newby

C – Jay Dominguez, Mariana Williams, Elizah Hamilton, Kaylee Horn, Martin Trevino


What’s your zodiac sign?

A – Aries

B – Taurus

C – Gemini

D – Cancer

E – Leo

F – Virgo

G – Libra

H – Scorpio

I – Sagittarius 

J – Capricorn

K – Aquarius

L – Pisces 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

B – Elizah Hamilton

E – Martin Trevino

H – Jay Dominguez, Lena Newby

J –  Kaylee Horn

L – Mariana Williams


It’s a zombie apocalypse! You were separated from everyone you know, so you’re alone. What would you do? 

A – I’d stay alone. You can’t trust anyone, and it’s easier if there’s only one person.

B – Move around. I would try to go to a safe zone, and if I meet people along the way, then I’d stick with them.

C – Find others, it’s too dangerous alone! Maybe we’d make a camp and stable living. 

D – I’d try and survive, but it would be hard… My survival skills aren’t the best. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Martin Trevino

B – Jay Dominguez, Kaylee Horn, Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby

C – Mariana Williams 


 Out of these four options, which are you most drawn to?

A – A large, golden trophy. It gleams under the light, and when you touch it, you can hear an entire stadium cheering for you. 

B – A lyre. It’s a gentle instrument with strong strings. Its melody is sweet and pleasing to the ears. 

C – A black vase. It’s aged with history, but has quotes engraved on the sides. It’s mysterious and spikes your curiosity. 

D – A rare seashell. It smells of the sea and reminds you of summer and simple times. It’s pretty on display and causes a feeling of longing. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Jay Dominguez, Lena Newby

B – Martin Trevino

D – Kaylee Horn, Mariana Williams, Elizah Hamilton


You lost a bet, and now you have to stay the night at an abandoned warehouse. It’s the middle of the night when you suddenly hear a mysterious sound. What do you do?

  1. Find the source of the sound. It could be friends playing a prank, after all! 
  2. Grab something for self defense and hope for the best. 
  3. Stay put and pretend I didn’t hear anything. It’s almost sunrise, anyway. . 
  4. Ask if anyone’s there. What if someone needs help? 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

B – Jay Dominguez, Kaylee Horn, Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby, Martin Trevino

C – Mariana Williams 


It’s cleaning day and your room is a mess. It’s eight in the morning and you’re told to have it clean by four in the evening. What do you do?

A – Start now. It’s best to get it done ASAP so I have more time for myself. 

B – Last minute, for sure. I have better things to do.

C – Whenever. My room isn’t very dirty in the first place, so it shouldn’t take me long. 

D – I clean now, but only because I get distracted along the way and take a lot of breaks. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Kaylee Horn

B – Marianna, Martin Trevino

C – Jay Dominguez 

D – Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby


Congrats, you’ve been granted the opportunity to speak to a mythical creature. Which one would you choose? 

A – A kind mermaid.

B – A mischievous fairy. 

C – A misunderstood dragon. 

D – A fierce vampire. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

C – Jay Dominguez, Kaylee Horn, Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby, Martin Trevino

D – Mariana Williams 


If you could pick any one of these superpowers, what would you choose?

A – Invisibility. 

B – Mind-reading. 

C – Healing.

D – Time travel. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Lena Newby

B – Jay Dominguez, Kaylee Horn

C – Elizah Hamilton

D – Mariana Williams, Martin Trevino


 Congrats, yet again! Your luck is turning out, and you’re now the King of the nation. What’s the first rule you put in place? 

A – Everyone has to share a quarter of their salary with me! 

B – Instead of shaking hands, winking is the new form of greeting.

C – The national religion is now Raising Canes. 

D – No other sport is allowed but Basketball. 


The Athlete’s Choices: 

A – Elizah Hamilton, Lena Newby

B – Kaylee Horn, Mariana Williams, Martin Trevino

D – Jay Dominguez