80’s Fashion

80’s Fashion

Skyla Dickerson, Staff Writer

The 1980s are known for being big and bright. They wore big jewelry, bright colored clothes, and big hair. They had Cabbage Patch dolls, slap bracelets, MTv, rubix cubes, ech e sketches, and Pac Man.  

In 2022, the 80s fashion trends made a comeback, but not everything is coming back into style. The styles that have come back are mullets, bright colors, chunky shoes and leg warmers. 

“They [leg warmers] are pretty fabulous; I’m wearing some right now,” said Adrian Hernandez. “They are too fabulous to go out of style, they need to get a comeback.” 

But not everyone thinks that some 80s trends should come back. People think that they should only be for certain people, or they like how it was and don’t want the change. 

“I don’t know, I think they’re really cute with some outfits, and they go with some people. But not all,” said Gabrielle Vicencio.

But with the people who don’t like the 80s trends, there are people that do want the 80s trends back. They like their look and the style of what they wore back in the 80s. 

“Honestly because their fit is so much better than what we have now, and they know how to dress, they dress to impress,” said Aaliyah Malik.

Recently, some people have mixed the 80s and the later styles together and wear a couple of items from each decade. 

“I feel like the style was very chill,” Raelyn Borel said. “Also in the 2000s everyone was very chill, and I just like it.”

Every decade has its own style that mixes styles from the past, but it all comes down to the personalities and vibes of the person as to what that style will look like.

“There are some 2000’s looks that would look good this year,” Melaney Serrano said,

“but I also think the 80’s cause their style was cool and creative.”